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WV: Must have “joint venture” in order for local counsel to be vicariously liable

Posted in Ohio, Vicarious Liability, West Virginia
Armor v. Lantz, 207 W. Va. 672 (2000) WV: Torts – Products Liability Student Contributor: Rachel Vincent Facts: Clients brought legal malpractice action against attorney who acted as local counsel in products liability litigation. Plaintiffs were involved in a car accident in West Virginia on June 3, 1991. In 1993 plaintiffs filed action against Michelin… Continue Reading

WV: Collateral Estoppel will not bar Legal Malpractice Action

Posted in West Virginia
Abadir v Dellinger, 227 W Va 388, 709 SE2d 743 (2011) Underlying Matter:  WV – Employment Law; settlement  Student Contributor: Tolu Akinsanya Facts:  The plaintiff/appellants were doctors, together the Huntington Anesthesia Group, Inc., who had been sued for disability discrimination. They were represented by the defendants/appellees, Mark Dellinger and the law firm of Bowles Rice… Continue Reading

WV: No Proximate Cause = No Damages

Posted in Damages, Proximate Cause, Real Estate, West Virginia
Keister v. Talbott, 182 W.Va. 745, 391 S.E.2d 895 (W.Va. 1990) WV: Underlying real estate conveyance (mineral rights) Student Contributor: Karen Dindayal Facts: Keister retained Webster County attorney, William Talbott, to examine title to two tracts of land, specifically the ownership of the surface and coal and mining rights. Talbot drafted a general warranty deed on… Continue Reading

WV: Action in Tort Independent from Action in Contract

Posted in Litigation, Statute of Limitations, Torts/Personal Injury, West Virginia
Harrison v. Casto, 165 W.Va. 787, 271 S.E.2d 774 (W.Va. 1980) WV: Underlying  personal injury and legal malpractice actions Student: Karen Dindayal Facts: Plaintiff, Paul H. Harrison hired attorney Don Kingery (#1) to file a personal injury action against Piedmont Airlines for injuries allegedly suffered while a passenger on a Piedmont plane. King failed to… Continue Reading