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NC: Statute of Limitations | Legal Malpractice| Appeals

Posted in North Carolina
Ventriglia v. Deese, 194 N.C. App. 344, 669 S.E.2d. 817 (2008) NC: Underlying Matrimonial trial  Student Contributor: David Yanoff Facts: Plaintiff retained defendant to represent him in divorce proceedings. Plaintiff separated from his wife on October 27, 2000, who filed for absolute divorce on October 29, 2001. Plaintiff counterclaimed for equitable distribution and alimony. Absolute… Continue Reading

CT: Filing the Same Bad Claim Twice Gets Your Claim Booted From Court

Posted in Connecticut, Family Law
Ross v. Forzani, 88 Conn. App. 365, 869 A.2d 682 (2005) CT: Underlying marriage dissolution matter Student Contributor: Nicholas Kingsbury Facts: Plaintiff retained a law firm to represent him in his marriage dissolution. One of the partners defected from that firm, and subsequently represented plaintiff’s wife in the marriage dissolution. Plaintiff asserted that the defecting… Continue Reading

TX: Claim must depend on outcome of case to toll during appeal

Posted in Texas
Pollard v. Hanschen, 315 S.W.3d 636 (Tex. App. 2010) TX: Family Law Student contributor: David Yanoff Facts:  Defendant represented plaintiff in a divorce action. After a fee dispute, defendant withdrew as counsel in August 2000. The case was set for trial in September 2000. Plaintiff hired a new attorney, who negotiated an accord and satisfaction… Continue Reading