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VT: Legal Malpractice On Malice and Punitive Damages

Posted in Damages, Vermont
DeYoung v. Ruggiero, 185 Vt. 267 (2009). VT: Wills, Trusts & Estates Student Contributor: Peter J. Jannace FACTS: Plaintiffs hired defendant to close on the purchase of a house in Vermont. Plaintiffs later inherited a substantial amount; due to a communication breakdown between the decedent and the plaintiffs, plaintiffs hired defendant to ensure that plaintiffs… Continue Reading


Posted in Vermont
Deptula v. Kane, 2008 WL 4906905 (2008). VT: Real Property; Homeowners Associations Student Contributor:  Peter J. Jannace FACTS: Plaintiff unsuccessfully contested unpaid homeowners’ association [“HOA”] annual fees on a theory that the fees were excessive and illegal, and was warned that he could become liable for future litigation expenses if he continued to withhold payments.… Continue Reading

VT: Judgmental Immunity for Legal Advice in Unsettled Areas of Law

Posted in Environmental, Land Use, Zoning, Real Estate, Vermont
Roberts v. Chimileski, 820 A.2d 995 (Vt. 2003) VT: Underlying Real Estate Subdivision; Environmental Law Student Contributor: Eric B. Kang Facts: Client, a real estate developer, consulted lawyers about a statute’s permit requirements concerning the subdivision of land into ten or more lots. The language pertinent to client stated that developers subdividing land into lots… Continue Reading

VT: Lawyer misses appeal deadline, tries to fix mistake, avoids ethical violation

Posted in Criminal Law, Vermont
In re PRB Docket No. 2006-167, 925 A.2d 1026 (Vt. 2007) VT: Underlying criminal defense Student Contributor: Eric B. Kang Facts: Lawyer represented client in a criminal matter and after a jury convicted client, the court imposed a prison sentence. Client then asked lawyer to file an appeal. Lawyer filed the appeal five days after… Continue Reading

VT: Contract lawyer for state not state employee

Posted in Criminal Law, Vermont
Reed v. Glynn, 724 A.2d 464 (Vt. 1998) VT. Underlying Criminal Defense Student Contributor:  Eric B. Kang Facts: Lawyer had a contract with the Windsor County defender general to provide representation to indigent defendants in cases in which the public defender was disqualified because of a conflict of interest or was otherwise unavailable. The contract… Continue Reading