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LA: Can A Criminal Defendant Begin Legal Malpractice Claim While Criminal Trial Pending?

Posted in Criminal Law, Louisiana
Augman v. Colwart, 874 So. 2d 191 (La. App. 2004) LA: Underlying Criminal Case Student Contributor: Laura Stein Facts: Plaintiff was charged with possession of a firearm by a convicted felon and the court assigned him counsel. He was convicted and that conviction was eventually affirmed on appeal but his sentence was amended. His instant… Continue Reading

LA: Malpractice Claims Not Assignable in Louisiana!

Posted in Litigation, Louisiana, Torts/Personal Injury
Taylor v. Babin, 13 So. 3d 633 (La. App. 2009) LA: Underlying Tort Suit Student Contributor: Laura Stein Facts:  Plaintiffs was in a motorboat accident that injured his two passengers.  He did not have liability insurance that would cover the passengers’ injuries so he retained another lawyer to file a voluntary petition in bankruptcy court.  The passengers filed… Continue Reading

LA: Client Misconduct Trumps Lawyer Malpractice

Posted in Louisiana, Torts/Personal Injury
Hutchinson v. Westport Insurance Corporation, 886 So.2d 438 (La. 2004) LA: Underlying Personal Injury Action Student Contributor: Laura Stein Facts: Plaintiffs filed legal malpractice action against defendant law firm and its insurer for failure to timely file an action for damages sustained by the minor child in a car accident. Hutchinson was representing herself and… Continue Reading