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AR: Carrier Malpractice Suit Against Designated Defense Counsel Requires Privity

Posted in Arkansas, Privity, Torts/Personal Injury
Great Am. Ins. Co. v. Dover, 456 F.3d 909 (8th Cir. Ark. 2006) AR: Underlying wrongful death Student Contributor: Meghan Jean Facts: Darren O’Quinn and David Couch represented Advocat Inc. in the wrongful death of Margaretha Sauer at Rich Mountain Nursing and Rehabilitation Center. Great American Insurance Company insured Advocat. Although O’Quinn and Couch had… Continue Reading

AR: Court Denies Withdrawal when Foreseeable Prejudice to Client

Posted in Arkansas, Duties: Communicate, Litigation, Local & Co-Counsel, Standard of Care
Vang Lee v Mansour, 104 Ark. App. 91 (2008) AR: Underlying litigation Student Contributor: Meghan Jean Facts:  Mansour was one of two attorneys client Vang Lee hired to represent him in a lawsuit. When Attorney #2 (also named Lee)  left for a month-long vacation, he left instruction for Mansour to schedule a pretrial conference between… Continue Reading

AR: The Critical Role of the Expert Witness

Posted in Arkansas, Expert Witnesses
Grassi v. Hyden, 2010 Ark. App. 203 (March 3, 2010).  Facts:  Grassi retained Hyden with regard to the disposition of his majority interest in a lumber company.  Ultimately, upon Hyden’s advice, Grassi proceeded with an Employee Stock Retirement Plan ("ESOP").  The lumber company, however, was unable to make payments to the ESOP after several years… Continue Reading